5 year olds flirting


Niall with a fan in barcelona today!

harry & louis + breakfast: a love story


in honor of louis saying he misses it when harry doesn’t cook him breakfast (shut up that was totally what he was saying) on Good Morning America




i bring you…harry & louis + breakfast: a love story

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9/∞ favorite harry tweets

Anonymous: With the emergence of that Oh Yeah Wow article, esp this close to the tour, I can /feel/ that things are about to get very awkward, very fast. I agree that this kind of thing should be talked about but I'm really, /really/ not going to enjoy seeing the boys called out on this (as much as it needs to happen). It sounds dumb but it's hard seeing your faves called out on doing something like that.


I know exactly how you feel. Ben absolutely needs to answer for his actions, but unfortunately and unfairly, when this story starts gaining traction it’s going to reflect badly on the boys, more than on him.

Based on Oh Yeah Wow’s tweet, it looks like they tried to address this with Ben’s production company privately, but didn’t get anywhere, so Ben’s doubly at fault here; first for ripping off the idea and again for unnecessarily forcing this conversation into the public sphere.


"But…isn’t it wrong?"
"If it makes you happy then it’s never wrong."



If I look at each one separately it makes my heart swell