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I’m on that One Direction wedding hype

if H & L still had twitter conversations today, what kind of things do you imagine they would say?


hey everyone who’s claiming “he probably just slipped up” with "just like he already owned it"?

this is harry slipping up.



louis says “you’ve got that big dick” 

harry says “and all his little things”

louis says “cause he’s the best i’ve ever had”

harry says “just like he already owned it”

harry says “i’m in love with lou and all his little things”

louis says “i can’t compete with my boyfriend”

harry says “’cause i can love you more than stan”

louis says “jealous lovers undercover on the street”

Liam & Sophia shopping at Harrods 7.22.14

Yesterday, Harry lay down on the stage and gave some chips to the fans.
Turin, Italy. July 6, 2014 x


Mummy and son holding hands<3


Zayn’s ‘Unrequited love’ tweets.